Filthy Rockwell is the founder of Filthy Americans. Filthy Rowell is a Grammy-nominated and multi-Platinum award winning music producer. As a music producer for over 20 years in Detroit, Michigan he discovered that his art can be showcased in a numerous of ways including clothing. 


Filthy Rockwell was inspired by the production of music, his mentors such as Uncle George, Amp and Uncle Paul of Funkadelics with a combination of the honorary techno artists such as Juan Atkins and UR to create more than just a clothing brand. Filthy Americans is a movement. The movement comprises of artistic development, strong music wave lengths, festivals and shows and vinyl distribution. 


One of the hidden truths of Filthy Rockwell is that he is a historian. And as a historian it is his belief that preserving the culture and the City of Detroit is his priority. He believes in the honor of preserving the history of Detroit to help the generations after him to believe and understand that the City around him is beyond what the media selects to showcase. It is belief that it is his purpose to bring history back in a new way using merchandizing, brand development, audio and a space for creatives such as him to bring art in multiple ways to the City. 

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