Filthy Cares is a not-for-profit organization that was created by Filthy Rockwell. Filthy Cares is a team of Filthy Americans to educate, create, and build a world outside of this world. Filthy Rockwell grew up on the Eastside of Detroit and always dreamed and hoped that his community will be built from those within it. So he made it a priority to find different areas and concerns of the community and create an avenue to help. 


The Annual "Adopt a Block" Christmas Affair stems from Filthy Rockwell wishing and hoping that one day someone will come to his door, knock on it and present Christmas gifts, food and toiletries on Christmas Day. And as such, "Adopt a Block" comprises of personally wrapping Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve and delivering the wrapped gifts to a selected block or neighborhood on Christmas Day with canned goods and dry food, and toiletries. 

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